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6 Signs You Need a New AC Unit for Your New Home According to blog: 6 Signs You Need a New AC Unit for Your New Home According to

When a homeowner moves into his or her new place, a working air conditioning unit is essential to living comfortably. Especially during the summer months, new residents will want to make sure they can stay cool indoors and not worry about a malfunctioning AC unit. The pros at provide the following signs to look for to determine if a home needs a new AC.

1. How Old Is the AC Unit?

If an air conditioner is over 10 years old, then chances are it needs to be replaced. Homeowners can find the age of the AC unit by looking at the nameplate on the outside of the machine. Some nameplates have a direct manufacture date stated, while others code the date within the serial number. found that searching the serial number with the manufacturer name can yield results for the age of the unit.

2. Thermostat Appearance

The thermostat appearance works as an indicator of age, as modern units manufactured less than 10 years ago usually have a sleek and often digital display. A current AC unit’s thermostat will use buttons to control the features rather than a manual needle. The team also notes that the most up-to-date technology uses a touch screen display for the thermostat.

3. Grinding or Squealing Noises

Grating, grinding or squeaking coming from an AC unit usually indicates a breakdown in the internal components. If major parts like a compressor or a belt have come loose, then loud strange noises will occur and signal the unit is no longer working at optimum capacity. Sometimes squeaking means there are parts that need lubrication, so recommends checking into the rust on the metal pieces first before committing to buying a new machine.

4. Burning Smell

When an AC emits pungent and burning odors, that usually means there is a major breakdown that requires immediate attention. The smell of burning could indicate frayed wires or worn out insulation, which can be dangerous for the unit’s operations. If a homeowner’s air conditioner is releasing strange odors, then advises him or her to replace the unit as soon as possible.

5. Humidity Issues

The lack of air flow in a house can lead to humidity issues, creating condensation and discomfort. When an AC unit has ceased to work efficiently, a home’s walls may appear wet or the air in the rooms feels moist overall. Problems with humidity occur when an air conditioning unit is no longer able to control its operations.

6. Leaks Around the Unit

A pool of water around the AC unit means there is a leak within the components, usually coming from the coolant tubes or the air ducts. Leak issues can often be a matter of simple repair, but if the problem persists various times after moving in, then homeowners are advised to replace the malfunctioning unit to avoid future problems caused by the leaks, such as the growth of mold.