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How to Make Sure Your Items Are Secure in the Moving Truck According to blog: How to Make Sure Your Items Are Secure in the Moving Truck According to

The jostle of a moving truck can often lead to damaged belongings and shifted packing boxes during relocation. If a truck has to suddenly hit the brakes, boxes can topple and the contents can become susceptible to breaking. provides the following tips for securing items in a moving truck to reduce the chances of damage.

Use Extra Padding

Using extra padding to create a layer of protection around especially fragile items is recommended to avoid cracks and breaks. Adding on another layer of newspaper around items, like glasses or photo frames, helps prevent the amount of impact that can be absorbed when a box falls or collides with other boxes. The team suggests using moving blankets and extra bubble wrap to create soft barriers that will not scratch or damage delicate pieces.

Create a Perimeter with Large, Heavy Items

Pack large, heavy items, such as furniture and appliances, first around the walls of the truck to create a perimeter that is less likely to move around or topple over due to the weight. The center space should hold lighter items and smaller boxes that can be protected by the barrier created by the heavy items. The experts recommend packing boxes and items tightly together so that there is less space to move around in.

Dissemble Furniture and Bundle Pieces Together

To optimize space and to diminish the chances of breaking, the best practice for packing furniture is to dissemble it and to use painter’s tape to bundle the pieces together. Smaller individual pieces should be placed together and then taped onto a larger part, such as the table legs being attached to the table’s underside.

Distribute the Weight

When you create a wall with the heavier items, it helps distribute the weight throughout the truck bed. It is important to remember though not to pile similarly-weighted pieces into one wall on one side. The team at advises spreading around heavy items on all four sides to create an equal distribution of weight, which will reduce the amount of movement during the drive.

Pack from Top to Bottom

To use all the space allotted in the truck, you should pack boxes from top to bottom, leaving a minimal amount of space between the roof and the top layer of boxes. Lighter items should always go on top of heavier items so that if anything does fall, they will have a softer impact.

Strap It All Down

Even if everything is packed from ceiling to floor in the truck, there is still a possibility of it all toppling over. Using straps or ropes to brace the boxes and pieces being transported will help keep them in place as the truck travels down the road and through highways. The experts at suggest strapping items down in sections instead of waiting until the end to strap it all down at the same time.