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5 Places Recommends for Old Clothing Donations blog: 5 Places Recommends for Old Clothing Donations

When the time comes to move, sometimes you need to make space, and that means getting rid of some old clothes. However, your clothing need not go to waste in a landfill somewhere. experts suggest you donate your old clothing to charities, organizations and stores in need of second-hand wardrobe options for the less fortunate. Giving back to the community can also benefit you, as donations are tax-deductible.

Local Thrift Stores

Goodwill and the Salvation Army are the biggest and most common thrift stores that exist in various cities spread across the United States, but most neighborhoods also have independently owned second-hand shops to which individuals can take donations. The team at recommends leaving behind gently-used clothing with thrift stores when one moves in order to avoid throwing out clothes. Second-hand stores sell the clothing donated at significantly discounted prices for patrons who cannot afford brand new clothes.

Religious Institutions

Many churches, temples, mosques and other religious institutions accept clothing donations for the needy. You can either bring your clothes straight to one of the locations in your neighborhood or look for a donation drive that accepts the clothing on behalf of these organizations. The team encourages donating clothes in relatively good condition, as these wardrobe donations are sent to shelters in the community or abroad to third-world countries where the citizens do not have access to new clothing.

Specialty Donation Organizations

Some organizations accept donations of clothes for special occasions, such as the Cinderella Projects, which takes old gowns for proms and weddings. Others, like Dress for Success, request business professional wardrobe contributions for individuals who need the appropriate attire for interviews but cannot afford to buy new attire. experts know that items like these often get used once or very little, so rather than hanging on to them when you move, consider giving them up for a good cause.

Shelters and Crisis Centers

Depending on the policies of independent shelters and crisis centers, you may be able to donate your gently-used clothing to organizations that offer services to individuals in distress or without homes. Homeless shelters and battered women’s shelters often seek donations for children and teens, so if you have clothes that your kids have outgrown, suggests donating them to these organizations.

Textile Recycle Groups

Some organizations, like Green Drop or Planet Aid, specialize in recycling old clothes to reduce the amount of garbage in landfills, and in turn, reduce harmful gas emissions into the environment. Collecting old clothes for recycling also assists these organizations in accumulating funds for other charities, like the American Red Cross, to help cover costs that keep the foundations running. The best part about textile recycling is individuals can donate clothes in all conditions, as they are not going toward second-hand sales and reuse for less fortunate individuals, but rather for reprocessing.