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When the time comes to move, it is important to make a budget to know how much you need to save for each phase of the transition. It is useful to know what your expenses will be with enough time before the move so you can be prepared to cover everything. offers the following tips for making and sticking to a moving budget.

Use a Spreadsheet

Whether you write it down by hand or use a computer application to create a spreadsheet, having a list of items with their corresponding costs in writing makes the budget a reality instead of an arbitrary idea. Keeping a hard copy or a digital version also allows you to make adjustments and edits when necessary as circumstances change. The team at believes that having a physical spreadsheet makes it easier for you to track your budget in real-time and to understand how not to go over budget.

Make a Check List

Making a check list of expenses is what will fill your spreadsheet and let you know how much money you need to save. Knowing what you will need to spend money on beyond an initial down payment on your new place takes some research. The team provides the below items to include on your moving check list:

  • Moving truck rates — weight and/or distance
  • Packing materials
  • Transportation fuel
  • Highway tolls
  • Food for a long trip

Other costs that should be included on a check list depending on where you move to are initial rent, deposits, property taxes and in some cases, community membership fees.

Be Ready For Unexpected Costs

It is not sufficient to save just enough money to cover projected costs. When creating a moving budget, you should have some wiggle room to account for any last-minute changes, surprises or hidden expenses that were not previously seen. The team advocates for being ready for the unexpected, like your car breaking down mid-trip, and having enough funds to cover those emergencies.

Consider Mover’s Insurance

A moving company that provides transportation may offer insurance for the items being transferred from one home to the next. If you have fragile objects or furniture pieces prone to damage from moving around in the truck, you will want to consider getting them insured in case any serious harm is done. The professionals at suggest shopping around for different moving companies and comparing insurance rates alongside the service costs, so as to make the best decision for your budget.

Note Any Final Repairs on the Old Place

Before you wave goodbye to your old home, you will need to leave it in an acceptable condition for the new owner. Outline the types of major repairs that need to be made before moving out and include them in your budget. Some fixes can be done yourself, but others may require an expert, so your budget should account for professional services.