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Tips from PostServicesSimplified.org for Driving Across Country for Your Long-Distance Move

postservicessimplified.org blog: Tips from PostServicesSimplified.org for Driving Across Country for Your Long-Distance Move

Starting on a new journey driving across the country to move into a new home can be exciting and overwhelming. There are many factors to consider and things to get done in order to make the move a success. The team at PostServicesSimplified.org offers the following tips to help make the most of your relocation across the country.

Hire a Driver Directly

If you can find a driver to hire directly without going through a subcontract with a moving company, you can save a considerable amount of money on your move. Drivers with their own trucks offer moving services for a lower cost than drivers affiliated with moving companies, because they do not require the same insurance contracts as the official companies do. The PostServicesSimplified.org team found that hiring a driver directly can easily be done by searching for one on an online community board like Yelp.

Rent a Truck

For those who want to move their belongings themselves but are not planning on bringing their own cars to the new homes, renting a truck that can be dropped off at a location in one’s new city is the ideal option.

Create a Map and Schedule

Especially when traveling with children, mapping out the route and creating a schedule will help delegate which roads to take and what stops to make. Find all the rest stops on the way and mark the ones that will most likely be needed depending on how much time has been spent on the road. The professionals at PostServicesSimplified.org recommend bringing toys the kids can play with outside at the rest stops to help them get rid of pent up energy.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The night before the big move, it is important to get enough rest. Getting drowsy behind the wheel is bound to happen with such a long-distance drive, but exhaustion can be reduced with the proper amount of rest before the drive. PostServicesSimplified.org advises planning when and where to stop that will get you the best night’s sleep for each day of travel ahead.

Food Prep and Snacks

On the first day of the trip, pack a nonperishable lunch and healthy snacks to keep your energy up. Granola bars and bags of baby vegetables are easy to snack on while driving and will keep you from feeling fatigued with such long driving hours. Plan on stopping at grocery stores along the way to replenish your food stock, which will help you avoid unhealthy foods that will result in illness or lethargy.

Charge the Electronics

The experts at PostServicesSimplified.org urge travelers to remember to have all electronics fully charged and ready the night before a long drive. In case of emergency, having a cell phone battery at 100 percent will come in handy. If the vehicle has the proper connections, bringing car chargers is also recommended, as well as backup battery packs.

Secure Your Packing Boxes

For a long-distance move, there will be more twists, turns and bumps along the way than a regular drive, so your packed boxes will need extra measures for securing the items inside. Pack the boxes with extra newspapers and cushioning to avoid the major impact that can occur during a move.