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PostServicesSimplified.org Explores the Pros and Cons of IKEA When Furnishing a Home

postservicessimplified.org blog: PostServicesSimplified.org Explores the Pros and Cons of IKEA When Furnishing a Home

Shopping at IKEA can be great for new apartment renters or homeowners, especially the ones who are on a tight budget and who have limited space. However, the furnishings that come from IKEA do have their downsides. The experts at PostServicesSimplified.org are here to provide insight into the pros and cons of IKEA for new home furnishing.


IKEA furniture pieces have a few benefits for smart shoppers with a particular sense of style. If you want to make your home look fresh and new without breaking the bank, then IKEA shopping is the way to go.

Low Cost

When furnishing one’s home on a small budget, IKEA offers attractive pieces of furniture and decorations for everyday low pricing. PostServicesSimplified.org found that most individual pieces in the store are sold for under $100. New homeowners can even buy full bedroom furniture sets for less than $500, which is usually the cost of a bed and/or a mattress, alone at most other furniture stores.

Minimalist Style

IKEA furnishings have a less-is-more approach with a minimalist style. The clean and sophisticated designs may not fit every person’s aesthetic, but they do provide a starting point to make it one’s own. The simple style also makes it easy to find furnishings that will match just about any room’s design and layout.

Easy to Build

Even if you are not handy with tools or putting things together, IKEA furniture is relatively easy to build. The team at PostServicesSimplified.org even notes that many pieces do not require tools at all because the parts make it easy to put together with your hands, alone.

Efficient Storage

Many IKEA designs are crafted in a way that makes for efficient storage. The dimensions of a case or a shelf can easily fit into limited apartment space and be used for housing several items and decorations in one’s home.


While shopping at IKEA for inexpensive furniture is ideal, the PostServicesSimplified.org team suggests homeowners take some disadvantages into consideration. The downside to the store’s furnishing options correlates to its materials and its assembly time.

Short-Term Lifespan

Most IKEA items are made of particleboard, which is a material created from wood waste; therefore, it is not as sturdy as furniture made from wood. The furniture from IKEA is not meant to last a long time and is not ideal for homeowners looking to keep their furnishings and decorations long-term.

Assembly Always Required

Although it is easy to put together, PostServicesSimplified.org found that all IKEA items require assembly, not just the smaller pieces. The task of putting together all the new furniture can be time consuming, especially for those unfamiliar with the brand’s designs or for those who have difficulty reading diagrams for instructions.

Finding a Location

The distribution of IKEA stores sometimes makes it hard to find one near you. While shopping online may be an option if you live too far from a shop, you lose the experience gained from seeing the pieces in person and getting a feel for them.