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Tips from PostServicesSimplified.org on Removing Mold from Your Home

postservicessimplified.org blog: Tips from PostServicesSimplified.org on Removing Mold from Your Home

At the first signs of mold, it is best to remove it from your home as soon as possible. Before it starts to grow beyond the surface areas of your house, you can take care of the nuisance yourself. The home experts at PostServicesSimplified.org provide the following tips to remove and prevent the growth of mold in your home.

Get Rid of the Moisture

Before a homeowner can remove the mold from his or her house, he or she must first get rid of the extra moisture in the air that creates the environment in order for mold to grow. A dehumidifier can help with drying out the afflicted room. The PostServicesSimplified.org team found that removing humidity and moisture may require getting rid of rotted pieces of wood and drywall that hold water damage and allow for mold to grow. If a dehumidifier is unavailable, a fan will work as well.

Seal Off Other Rooms

When cleaning out certain rooms to remove mold, it is important to remember to seal off other rooms to avoid the spread of mold spores. Homeowners who endeavor to clean the mold themselves should also remember to wear the appropriate attire so as not to acquire spores on their skin or inhale them. The pros at PostServicesSimplified.org recommend using a plastic tarp or a curtain in the doorways and sealing them with duct tape around the edges to properly keep the mold spores from spreading upon removal.

Mix a Bleach and Water Solution

To have an effective cleaning session, you will need to mix a solution that is one-part bleach to eight-parts water. The best way to distribute the solution is using a spray bottle so that a minimum amount touches your skin, as the mixture can cause skin damage if exposed to too much of it, and to avoid spills. The PostServicesSimplified.org home experts found that bleach is the most effective chemical in killing bacteria and other microorganisms that allow mold to grow.

Surface Scrub

Use a scrubbing brush to clean off the mold from wall and floor surfaces. It is best to begin scrubbing after letting the affected areas soak in the bleach and water solution for 10 to 20 minutes. The team at PostServicesSimplified.org recommends putting down a disposable tarp to catch loose debris and mold spores that will fall from walls for easy discarding after a homeowner finishes cleaning.

Vacuum Leftover Particles

Once the mold has been removed, while much care may have been taken to throw away debris, hard-to-see spores may still remain in the surrounding cleaning area. You can use a standard wet/dry vacuum with a sealed filter to do a final sweep of the floors to catch any particles that have been left behind. After vacuuming, you should dispose of the filter and use the bleach and water solution to clean the vacuum container so that no mold spores remain.