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Tips from on How to have a Successful Garage Sale Before Moving blog: Tips from on How to have a Successful Garage Sale Before Moving

Before moving out of your old place, you might want to lighten the load for the move in to your new home. Having a garage sale is the best way to get rid of some unneeded items that you have collected over the years. The following tips from will help you have a successful sale and optimize your time.

Catalog Your Sale Items

The first step to having an effective garage sale is knowing what you are going to sell. Create a catalog of the things you definitely do not need and use that list to separate those items for the sale. also recommends putting down a possible price for each of those items to have an idea of how much money you can make from your garage sale.

Get the Proper Credentials

Some cities require a permit to hold a garage sale, so people planning on putting on a sale should check with their municipal government officials about the regulations regarding such events. Having a garage sale without the appropriate permission can result in a hefty citation. To avoid having the sale shut down, the team at recommends getting the necessary permit and paperwork done before advertising or opening up a garage sale.

Pick the Right Time

When putting on a garage sale, timing is essential. Weekends are a popular time to put on a sale, but if possible, stretching the dates to one or two days before the weekend is recommended. Early hours are also suggested to avoid the afternoon heat that may drive customers away. The experts believe that having a garage sale last for a few hours over several days will optimize the traffic brought in to the event.

Advertise the Garage Sale

For the garage sale to be a success, the hosts need to get the word out, first. Advertising the garage sale is easy with the use of online community forums, such as Craigslist. People having a garage sale can make a posting with the details of the day, the time and the address, letting their neighbors know about the event. also suggests putting out flyers on local bulletin boards, posting signs on street corners and even posting an ad in the weekly flyer publication.

Prepare the Change

Make sure to have enough small bills and coins to make change, especially for the first early-morning customers. The first visitors to a garage sale will usually have larger bills and need to make change for low-cost items. It is advised the individuals hosting the garage sale have enough change to accommodate as many patrons as possible.

Organize the Items

Set up your garage sale like it was an actual store. Place like items together, such as kitchen ware on one table, books near the book cases and tools with tool chests. Organizing your sale items in a logical manner makes it easier for visitors to navigate the sale and to find exactly what they seek.