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Six Pieces of Furniture That Can Wait According to blog: Six Pieces of Furniture That Can Wait According to

When you’re moving into a new home, the first thing you think about is how you’re going to decorate. You may flip through home style magazines dreaming of what new dresser will match your bedspread. Or maybe you’ve got your eye on an exquisite dark wood dining table, ready with place mats to match. It’s easy to get carried away, but the most important rule of furniture-buying is to remember this: You don’t need all of it at once.

Buying all of your furniture at once is overwhelming – emotionally and financially – and there are certain items you simply can do without until the time is right. That’s why the team of experts at has compiled a list of six pieces of furniture that can wait.

The Matching Nightstand

Furniture sellers are pretty convincing when it comes to selling matching furniture sets. As they’ll certainly tell you, matching items look good and you won’t have to worry about finding the pieces of furniture you need at a bunch of different places – you can get everything at one location. However, the experts at note that these sets can usually be shamelessly overpriced, so you’ll end up spending more just because you couldn’t be patient. As such, a matching nightstand or small dressers can wait, even if you do have to shop elsewhere.

The Fancy Credenza

Credenzas are storage pieces that can be both practical and stunning, but when it comes down to it, you have other places for storage when you first move in. You can store your blankets in a linen closet or attic until you’re fully settled in, and then you can buy the credenza if you really, really want it.

The Cute Foyer Table

Sure, foyer tables are a nice place to leave your keys on, but they really serve no purpose aside from decoration. Because of that, the foyer table can definitely wait. The team at recommends you invest your money in that new sofa you want instead.

The Lush Chaise

Whether you’re trying to glam up your bedroom or accessorize your den, chaises are a nice addition to your typical layout. However, since they aren’t absolutely necessary, you can wait a few months or even longer to make the purchase.

Cool Bar Stools

Unless you don’t plan on having a dining table at all, bar stools serve no other purpose than optional seating. Later on, when it’s a more practical time to purchase bar stools, reminds you to make sure you measure the height of your bar. It’s extremely disappointing to purchase a great set of bar stools only to discover that they don’t suit your bar.

New Decorations

Yes, bare walls put a damper on the excitement of making your new house a home, but you’ve got a new mattress, sofa and dining table to buy, which take priority over the beautiful landscape painting that you want for your hallway. The team at suggests you use decorations from your previous home and put those up in the meantime, until you have the funds to spare to purchase new decorations.