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Tips from PostServicesSimplified.org on How to Furnish Your New Place on a Budget

postservicessimplified.org blog: Tips from PostServicesSimplified.org on How to Furnish Your New Place on a Budget

Decorating your new home may come with a budget limit, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice style for savings. The team at PostServicesSimplified.org offers the following tips for furnishing and decorating your new dwelling at an affordable price. You will be surprised at how far you can stretch your dollar.

Shop Second-Hand

From online postings to thrift stores to garage sales, shopping second-hand is a sure way to save money on big ticket items like sofas and tables. Furnishings that can cost up to thousands of dollars when brand-new from department stores can be found used for as low as $100. PostServicesSimplified.org reminds shoppers that second-hand does not mean bad, ugly or low-quality. In fact, many thrift shops have certain standards for accepting gently-used items.


There are many things you can learn to do yourself to save money and energy on shopping for new home decorations and furnishings. With the right tools and materials, a little innovation and a handy online tutorial, you can build your own book case, desk or storage space to avoid buying brand-new, expensive items from a chain store. PostServicesSimplified.org advises you to talk to private contractors, as they sometimes have excess materials from previous projects and are willing to sell them at a discounted price to individuals.

Repurpose Old Items

Recycling old belongings to become new home decorations is a great way to save money and to add a unique touch to your place. Use old glass jars as candle holders, and if you are feeling extra artistic, add some color with acrylic paints to create a mood lighting lamp for the dinner table. The PostServicesSimplified.org team also suggests using old clothes to make window curtains or throw pillow covers for the couch.

Fix Broken Things

You may already have a good, sturdy wardrobe chest or dresser drawers for the bedroom, but the only problem is a loose hinge or a rusty rail track. There is no need to replace items like this; therefore fixing them can help you save your budget. The experts at PostServicesSimplified.org propose you find a screw driver to tighten the loose screw on the hinge and then spray a little oil on the rusty bits of the drawer wheel track. If all that is needed is some aesthetic updates, sanding out the rough spots yourself and throwing on a new coat of paint will do the trick.

Make Your Own Art

The walls of your new home cannot remain bare, but they do not need expensive portraits to stand out. Collages are simple and cost-effective if you have some old magazines lying around. Cut out images and paste them together to create a theme that can add some vibrancy to your living space. Craft a travel-inspired collage by pinning a map on a corkboard and then add post cards with pictures of the places you want to visit or have been to already.