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Discover Which Forwarding Mail Service Is Right for You With the Help of blog: Discover Which Forwarding Mail Service Is Right for You With the Help of

Around 14 percent of the United States’ population moves annually. That is about 40 million people who pack up and move each year. All of those people will need to inform the USPS of their new address and choose a mail forwarding service. There are two types of forwarding services, regular forwarding service and premium forwarding service, to choose from. Both have different time limits and services associated with them. The team of experts at has found the advantages and disadvantages of each type of service to better help you pick the forwarding service you need.

Regular Forwarding Service

The team at has found that regular forwarding service is available to those who have either moved permanently or those who will be temporarily living somewhere else for 15 days to one year.

For a temporary change of address, this forwarding service lasts for six months but can be extended for an additional six months. Permanent address changes allow you to have your mail forwarded for a year total. There is only a $1 fee to use this forwarding service, and the mail is sent to you piece by piece as it comes in.

Premium Forwarding Service

The premium forwarding service requires you to pay a larger fee upfront and a weekly fee for the rest of the time you are using this service. The experts at PostServicesSimplified.orghave found that this service will hold your mail and ship it to you each week. Your forwarded mail will be sent out every Wednesday, and you will get an email notification with a tracking number every time your mail is sent out. Your held mail will arrive within one to three business days depending on your location. Also, priority items will get to you much more quickly with this forwarding option.

The team at has found that there are some limitations to this service. Premium forwarding is not available to those who have moved abroad or those who are forwarding mail from a P.O. Box. In any case, if you own a business, commercial premium forwarding service is available if you must forward mail from a business address.

Which one is right for you?

Most people can benefit from the regular forwarding service, as many don’t mind having their mail forwarded to them piece by piece. Plus, this option is much more budget-friendly, as it only costs $1. Premium forwarding service is a better option for those who receive a large amount of mail or sensitive/important items on a regular basis. If you’re waiting on important documents to be sent to you, it might ease your mind to receive an email notification and tracking number for your mail.