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6 Places to Find Used Furniture According to blog: 6 Places to Find Used Furniture According to

Upon buying a new house, you will want to buy furniture and decorations to make it really feel like home. If you are on a budget, that can be difficult to manage. Filling your new home is not impossible though. The team at offers the following tips to find quality used furniture for the best price.

Estate Sales

An estate sale is like an everything-must-go garage sale done auction-style. When a homeowner passes away or is moving to a new home and needs to liquidate all of his or her belongings, an estate sale ensues. The team at finds that with a little patience and devoted energy, new homeowners can find quality furnishings for their latest dwellings. The prices for estate sale items tend to remain relatively low, so shoppers can stay within their budgets.

Garage Sales

A smaller version of the estate sale, garage sales are a great place to find furnishings like book cases and lamps to fill up your living room. You can find signs posted around the neighborhood alerting you to a sale or you can refer to the weekly classifieds to look for one near you. The pros at suggest having an idea of what you are willing to pay for an item and being ready to haggle for the best price.

Thrift Stores

Shopping second-hand items is a new homeowner’s best bet to finding great pieces of furniture at an affordable price. Thrift stores have a variety of products ranging in age, which can sometimes include nearly-new dining sets or well-maintained sofas. The team recommends browsing local thrift stores as well, not just the well-known shops like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

Online Postings

There are various websites where individuals make postings for things they are selling, such as coffee tables, paintings, ceiling fans and other items that can start to make your house feel like home. Spend some time scouting potential pieces that interest you and send a message to the private seller to inquire about price, condition and if he or she is willing to negotiate if the price is a little too high for your budget. reminds you to exercise caution when deciding to deal with an individual, as there are no guarantees once a purchase has been made.

Furniture Store Floor Samples

Sometimes a buyer will go window shopping and become attached to a piece he or she sees in the store. Buying a brand new couch may be out of range for a new homeowner’s budget, but an inquiry about floor samples can be made. Depending on the rotation season for display systems, a buyer may be in luck and find a new item at a significantly discounted price or the sample piece. Summer is the best season to look into new furniture items, as that is the time of year most stores rotate their stocks.

Friend and Family Donations

The absolute best option to furnish your new home when on a budget is by seeking castaways from friends and family members. Donations from loved ones are free and the best part is, it all stays in the family.