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Tips from on Helping You Find a New School for Your Kids blog: Tips from on Helping You Find a New School for Your Kids

Families making a move to a new home often need to find a new school for their children. A neighborhood’s school district and available educational institutions can have a significant influence on whether or not to move to that neighborhood. offers the following tips to research the best school for a family’s kids before the big move.

Make a List of Criteria

Before the search for a new school begins, parents or guardians must first make a list of what they are looking for in a school for their children. A family’s list should consider points such as school grading, demographics, specialty programs offered and instruction accommodations. If a child is in need of certain aids for learning or needs classes that help transition to a new language, then recommends the search include such parameters.

Consult with Current Teachers

Speak to your children’s current teachers and staff to find out what he or she may need from the new school to help your decision. Seeking assistance from teachers at your kids’ current school can also put you in touch with resources and tools to help you research your new neighborhood’s school district. encourages you to reach out to your children’s present teachers for support as well, as moving to a new school and a new neighborhood can be stressful for your children.

Connect with Other Parents

Talking to other parents who have already undergone the process of moving and finding a new school can help parents with the overwhelming task of finding the best new school for their kids. Parents may be able to find PTA online communities where they can reach out to parents in potential new school districts for their children. The team at found that connecting with other parents about schools offers a source of experience and knowledge that is invaluable.

School and District Websites

Referring to specific school websites can help parents do background searches about the staff employed at the institution and what each school’s mission entails. School district websites offer statistics about demographics, school grades, classroom sizes as well as neighborhood maps and partnerships with local organizations that benefit the district’s students. also found that school and district websites provide schedules and enrollment procedures, which might have an impact on a family’s moving timeline and capabilities.

Talk to Real Estate Agents

If you have a real estate agent helping with the sale or purchase of a house, talking to him or her can help you learn about a neighborhood’s school options. Realtors often have access to school details and may have inside knowledge about specific institutions. If you are still in the process of finding a new home and are interested in being close to a good school, let your agent know beforehand so he or she can find you a home in a suitable community, so you can narrow down your school search.

Request a Tour

If taking an in-person tour is feasible, parents should take advantage of such offerings before enrolling their children in new schools. Contacting the school principal or a school board member is the best option for setting up a meeting and/or a tour of the prospective school. It is also advised to bring the children along to get first-hand feedback on whether or not the school will work for them.