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How to Find the Best Realtor for You According to blog: How to Find the Best Realtor for You According to

Finding a new home can be a struggle and stressful, which is why people often rely on realtors to help with the task. Likewise, selling a home needs a certain expertise and set of skills to go for the ideal price. Home buyers need to first find the right real estate agents, though, to achieve the best deals on the best houses or apartments. The experts at provide the following suggestions for finding the best realtor for every home shopper’s needs.

Interview Multiple Agents

Like an employer vetting potential hires, home buyers should interview various real estate agents to find the one that will work for them. Having a specific list of questions is a good start in finding the right realtor for the job. also recommends being prepared to answer questions the potential real estate agent might have about the buyers’ needs and wants in a new home.

Seek References

Whether asking close friends and family for recommendations or directly asking a realtor for references, past clients are a key source of information on how the agent works. You can ask the references about information such as how close the realtor got to the desired price, if the agent found them a home that fit their needs perfectly or near-perfectly and generally, how easy to work with the realtor was. The team advises you inquire about a realtor’s negotiating skills.

Ask for a Portfolio

It is not enough to know sales numbers or volume from a particular realtor. Buyers should also look at the types of houses and apartments an agent has sold and for what price. The experts at suggest a realtor’s portfolio should include brief points about each home, such as number of rooms, its condition, its features and more, so that buyers can determine if the price for such characteristics is something they are willing to pay.

Look at Experience

Do some background research on a potential real estate agent and see how many years he or she has been in the business. A more seasoned realtor is likelier to get you what you are seeking. also believes the type of experience can help you determine if an agent is right for you, depending on if you are looking for a house, a condo, an apartment or other type of dwelling.

Confirm the Licensing

The current world of technology available makes it easy for people to connect, but that also means it is easy for dishonest individuals to set up scams. When considering a realtor to handle the transaction of buying or selling a house, you should make sure he or she has the appropriate credentials, first. Every state has an official department that keeps records on licensed agents and any disciplinary actions or complaints set against them, so that is the best resource to rely on for confirming a realtor’s license.