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Is Feng Shui for You? A Guide by PostServicesSimplified.org

postservicessimplified.org blog: Is Feng Shui for You? A Guide by PostServicesSimplified.org

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy that emphasizes harmony and balance through environmental connection. It is a popular practice for people seeking to organize their living spaces in ways that promote positivity and calming atmospheres. Whether following the form school or compass school of Feng shui, PostServicesSimplified.org offers the following considerations to decide if it is the right ritual for you.

Do you want to declutter?

Practitioners of Feng shui often start with getting rid of clutter in one’s home, whether it involves picking up and throwing away the little things that get collected over time or doing away with nonessential items, completely. Learning to let go of things is an important part of the philosophy that helps individuals reevaluate what is important to them. The team at PostServicesSimplified.org suggests making a list of the items a person owns and deciding if keeping them or getting rid of them falls in line with this element of Feng shui.

How does open space make you feel?

The art of Feng shui often calls for opening up space in your home by rearranging furniture and changing sleeping accommodations. If you are the type of person who is used to sleeping in a bed that is pushed up against a wall or corner, the philosophy requires a shift in the habit by creating an open space around the bed. PostServicesSimplified.org team members recommend reviewing your home’s floor space to see if it allows for such changes and deciding if you are willing to make those alterations.

Can you live without a TV in your bedroom?

Feng shui calls for either removing the television from the bedroom, altogether or covering it up whenever it is not in use. Those who practice the philosophy believe that the electric energy from a television set can disrupt a restful sleep and leaves people vulnerable to impression when they fall asleep with the TV playing. If you have a partner in the room with you, PostServicesSimplified.org advises you to keep that in mind when deciding if getting rid of the TV or covering it up at night will go over well.

Do you want to redecorate?

The practice of Feng shui encourages the use of elemental décor in the house, such as plants, water fountains and metal decorations. Depending on which school of thought you plan on employing, the placement of each decoration in conjunction with a compass direction can affect the flow of energy in a room. The PostServicesSimplified.org team also found that some Feng shui practitioners place the elemental decorations based on a room’s intended purpose to promote a healthy balance. Something to consider if you want to endeavor in the philosophy of Feng shui is if the new décor requirements align with your desired aesthetic, and if not, you must decide if you are willing to change your attitude.